Laura & Becca are friends…

They met working in the travel industry and quickly realized they shared a weird love of some of the more macabre activities one can see and experience in the world. Over the years they have spent many hours talking over history, feminism, and weird shit, and decided someone else might enjoy the conversation too! Combining their MFA in International Journalism and MA in History the two welcome you to explore the dark, weird, and misunderstood on this podcast!

About Laura

Bio coming soon….

About Rebecca

While born and raised in Colorado – Rebecca has had itchy feet for as long as she has memories. A childhood of running around the high plains and mountains of Teller County has lead to extensive solo trips through Europe and Latin America…next stop…anywhere.

Her love of history developed in summers among library shelves in Cripple Creek (where her mom worked) and a few too many watches of Shakespeare interpretations. And grew exponentially when venturing into the world and University. Only $100k in student loans later she has her BA from Colorado State University in Journalism with a second major in History and MFA in International Journalism from Edinburgh Napier University.

Since moving on from academia Rebecca has taken up working in the travel industry, chasing after two cats and a dog, cresting a goth haven in her townhouse. and spending weekends as a feral woman at rock shows or camping.