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  • Merry Krampus

    Merry Krampus

    Krampus is quickly becoming a beloved Christmas monster in the United States and the cultural zeitgeist. Laura explains to Rebecca what the legend is in the past and how romance novels are influencing the present. While an oddball Germanic tradition reaching into our Pagan past of Europe. He resembles other legends, including that of Iceland;…

  • The Thanksgiving Myth

    The Thanksgiving Myth

    We’re all told one story – pilgrims (a group of puritans) running from religious persecution landed on our shores to a new land. The Native Americans (Indians) aided these pilgrims in their conquering of what is modern day New England. We’re given cute cartoons, plays, horrifically racist paper outfits and headdresses, and told it’s all…

  • Colorado’s Weirdest Event – Coffin Races

    Colorado’s Weirdest Event – Coffin Races

    Fast-Forward to 1929, 38 years later and a massive rain storm and flooding caused Emma and her coffin to come racing down the mountain and into town.

  • Body Worlds

    Body Worlds

    This week we are visiting the 20th and 21st century versions of the anatomical model. Is it ethical? What’s the story? Just HOW do they make them? While we don’t have concrete answers, we ask a lot of questions and naturally share our opinions! Show Resources: Denver Museum of Nature and Science: “The Hikers” Exhibit…

  • Anatomical Venus

    Anatomical Venus

    In our first episode EVER we delve into some weird wonders hidden in the Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy! While stunning, and beautiful in their own ways, these anatomical models had a big influence on the time they were created and into today. Becca tells Laura about her experience seeing them, and why they’re important…

  • An Icelandic Christmas

    An Icelandic Christmas

    Becca does something different this week and interviews a friend about growing up in Iceland in the 1960s and 1970s and what that meant around Christmas time. Iceland is home to notoriously unique and peculiar legends around lads, witches, and a mischievous cat.  Gryla Gryla comes in a few forms and depictions, either animalistic or…